Agilo for trac - Downloads

All the Agilo for trac downloads contain the latest versions of Agilo for trac OPEN (0.9.15) and PRO (1.3.15).

Free 30 day-trial are included in all our downloads.
By clicking any of the download buttons you agree to the End-User License Agreement.


If you are using Windows, this installer just requires a few clicks and will take care of all the heavy work for you.

Linux, Mac OS, and others

Thanks to virtualization, no matter what Operating System you are using, this virtual machine is a painless way to have your own Agilo instance running locally, so that you can get a quick impression of the product.

Python Eggs

If you are comfortable with Python, this is the Egg for latest version of Agilo for Trac, including both Agilo for Trac Free and Agilo for Trac Pro

Hosted Agilo (Pro only)

This is the best option if you want to be up and running in the cloud in minutes without having to maintain your own server - we will do that for you.

Source Code

This is the Agilo for Trac Free source code. Download this file if none of the other options work for you, or if you want to customize your Agilo even more!


follow this link to get all versions changelogs