Agilo for trac

Flexible ALM Tool for Scrum, Kanban & Agile Dev. Teams

Why Agilo for trac?

Are your teams using trac ? And are you working in an agile environment?

Then Agilo for trac is the right agile and Scrum Tool. It delivers a robust platform and streamlined functionality for agile teams using trac and agile methodologies.

Licenses & Hosting

Agilo for trac is available as:

  • Free Agilo for trac
  • Agilo for trac Pro
  • Hosted Agilo for trac Pro
  • Open Source Code


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Distributed Teams

From a single collocated team to distributed across the globe, Agilo for trac is highly configurable. Its versitility allows you to adapt the tool to support your teams daily work.


The Scrum Tool Agilo for trac supports the management of multiple product backlogs and scrum teams as well as the development issues arisingfrom a single team or a single sprint.


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30-Day Free Trial

Each download of Agilo for trac comes with a free 30-day evaluation of all the enhanced features of Agilo for trac Pro. After the 30 days these enhanced features are deactivated automatically. From that moment on you can purchase Agilo Pro Licenses or continue to use the free version.


Integration  with trac, SVN (Subversion), eclipse (mylyn) and a comprehensive online support makes Agilo™ a powerful tool for a Scrum Team or the whole agile enterprise.

Open Source

Agilo™ -excluding the Pro feaures- is distributed under the Apache License 2.0. You can download and use it for free without limitations.